DateOct 4, 2015 - Oct 7, 2015
PlaceSofitel Hotel-IBTISAMA Study Club-Casablanca
Tuition Fee - VAT Included 42000 Dh

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4 days complete protocol from A to Z.

Over the shoulder – SKYN & CAD-CAM

LIVE cases in paralel, using CAD-CAM ( 3shape and CEREC )

Speakers Livio Yoshinaga / Dr. Paulo Kano

Programme skyn 2015 Français

Learning Objective

  • When, How and Which CAD/CAM should be invested ?
  • Why digital dentistry ?
  • Realities and Dreams on the Digital Workflow – What really works and what is coming up…
  • Eliminating the Wax-up procedure in your dental practice
  • How to get the best impressions both analogue and digital ?
  • Meet the new dentist profile and lab technician, what do they need to learn ?
  • How digital dentistry can help you to increase case acceptance and become more profitable
  • CAD/CAM – the 3D copy machine
  • Impression, Preparation and Cementation of the Digital Era – Why and what is different
  • Interdisciplinary Team Approach – How to really have one through basic technology ?
  • CAD/CAM for beginners – Learn the step-by-step of what you really need
  • Monolithic blocks – Which ones to use and why
  • Optical Illusion – Stain, glaze and paint the natural way
  • DSD for Skyn – How to use it ? A step-by-step hands on session
  • Videophoto – the next paradigm shift
  • Before x Mockup Video production – a simple way to do it everyday



1st Day – Skyn Day – Design, Mockup and Case presentation

08:30 Registration

09:00 Skyn Day Intro – Livio Yoshinaga

10:00 Natural Tooth Morphology – Paulo Kano

11:00 Skyn Concept – Creating nature or copying nature ? – Paulo Kano

12:00 Lunch

13:00 DSD Workflow – Is your office ready for the Digital Dentistry Era ? – Livio Yoshinaga

14:00 Live Patient – Full DSD and Skyn Design Protocol – Paulo Kano and Livio Yoshinaga

15:00 DSD Concept – The “3D Smile Box” – Livio Yoshinaga

15:30 Break

16:00 D-4 – Digital Dental Documentation in Dentistry – Livio Yoshinaga

16:45 Skyn Mockup – Direct Skyn mockup on Live Patient – Paulo Kano

17:30 “Selling the case” – Engaging the patient through Emotional Dentistry – Livio Yoshinaga

18:00 Conclusions – An interactive session – Paulo Kano and Livio Yoshinaga

2nd Day – Skyn Intro – making your first Skyns

(Dental Office) Live Patient – Skyn scan and Preps with CEREC – Paulo Kano

(Lecture Room) DSD Workflow Update for the Skyn Concept – Livio Yoshinaga

(Lecture Room) Hands On: Video and Photo for the DSD/Skyn Concept – Livio Yoshinaga

(Lecture Room) Hands On: Making Skyns by all participants – Paulo Kano

(Lecture Room) Hands-On: Intuitive Skyn performed by all participants – Livio Yoshinaga

(Lecture Room) Skyn Design Workflow on CEREC CAD/CAM – Paulo Kano

(Lab) Milling final Skyns restorations on CEREC – Paulo Kano

3rd Day – CAD/CAM – Explore and Learn the latest technology in dentistry

(Lecture Room) Marketing and Sales using DSD&Skyn Concept – Livio Yoshinaga

(Lecture Room) Hands On: Polishing and adapting the Skyns on models – Paulo Kano

(Lecture Room) CAD/CAM – Why CEREC ? – Livio Yoshinaga

(Lecture Room) Hands On: Scanning and Designing Skyns on CEREC – Livio Yoshinaga

(Lecture Room) Live Demo: Optical Illusions – Paulo Kano

4th Day – Finalising the case – CAD/CAM technology – Modified Basic Dental Techniques

(Dental Office) Try-in, Quality Control and Final Cementation – Paulo Kano and Livio Yoshinaga.

(Lecture Room) Basics on Impression, Preps and Cementation for CAD/CAM – Paulo Kano

(Lecture Room) Digital Workflow – How should I start ? – Livio Yoshinaga

Paulo Kano

 Visiting Professor at the Postgraduate School – Department of Restorative Dentistry in Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC – Florianópolis / SC) since 1995. • Visiting Professor of the Postgraduate Course in Restorative Dentistry at the Brazilian Dental Association (ABO) Florianópolis since 2004. • Emeritus member of the Brazilian Society of Esthetic Dentistry – SBOE • Master in Implantology, Faculty of Dentistry São Leopoldo Mandic. • Graduated from the University of Santo Amaro São Paulo, Brazil • Private practice in São Paulo, Brazil since 1988. • Dental Technician since 1974. • International and National publications in the areas of Esthetic Dentistry, Prosthetic and • Dental Laboratory. • Director of IPK- Paulo Kano Institute, with over 11000 Hands On courses for Dentists and Technicians. • Author of “Challenging Nature” • SKYN Concept creator with Livio Yoshinaga.


Livio Yoshinaga

Brazilian Architect specialised in high tech projects for dental offices

Former PPAD High Technology editor

Author of several projects on dental education and clinical live transmission.

Developer of Video on Demand in Dentistry for Internet

Works and develops new trends in photo and video production for dentistry working with Mauro

Fradeani, Eric Van Dooren, Nitzan Bichacho, Galip Gurel, Paulo Kano, Christian Coachman,

Sidney Kina, Marcelo Calamita among others.

Founder and Developer of DSD – Digital Smile Design concept and D4 – Digital Dynamic Dental

Documentation together with Christian Coachman from Brasil.

International lecturer in high tech dentistry

SKYN Concept creator with Paulo Kano from Brasil.

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