DateOct 1, 2015 - Oct 3, 2015
PlaceHotel Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche
Tuition Fee - VAT Included 14400 Dh

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Three days complete protocol.

Speakers Dr. Christian Coachman / Livio Yoshinaga / Dr. Paulo Kano

Programme en Français:programme DSD 2015 Français

Day 1 – Lecture

  • Design, Plan & Sell – The DSD Concept
  • The Challenges of Modern Dentistry
  • Improving your Smile Design Skills
  • Integrating Smile Design to Functional Treatment Plan
  • The Emotional Dentistry Approach
  • The Motivational Mock-Up
  • Asynchronous Team Communication Protocol
  • The Digital Smile Design Clinic
  • DSD Implementation
  • DSD Workflow
  • Integrating DSD with Ortho, CAD/CAM and Guided Surgery
  • SKYN Concept
  • Esthetic Anterior Monolithic Restorations with CAD/CAM
  • DSD Ortho
  • Ortho Planning guided by DSD for minimally invasive, restorative Dentistry
  • Emotion in Motion
  • Communication through Videos

Day 2 – Live Demonstration

  • DSD Documentation Protocol
  • Performing the Photo/Video Documentation
  • SLR and iPhone
  • Digital Impression
  • Technique and Systems
  • DSD Computer Protocol
  • Smile Design Step by Step
  • The DSD Concept Software
  • From 2D to 3D
  • Transferring the 2D DSD to the working model and analogue wax-up
  • Transferring the 2D DSD to the digital wax-up on CAD/CAM
  • Transferring the 2D DSD to the SKYN mock-up
  • Simultaneous live transmission of the Analogue Wax-up
  • the Digital Wax-up and the SKYN Mock-up
  • DSD Lab – The future today !
  • The DSD Lab products and workflow
  • Lab order
  • The Interdisciplinary Brainstorm
  • The Esthetic-Functional-Biological negotiation, risk assessment
  • and decision making process
  • Integrating Function and Biomechanics into the Smile Design
  • The 5 main questions the clinician should answer when treatment planning
  • The 5 main clinical steps for quality and longevity
  • Live Treatment Planning Session
  • Treatment Planning the case of the live Patient
  • Preparing the Treatment Plan presentation for the Patient
  • The Mock-up
  • The mock-up technique
  • The Emotional Photo/Video documentation
  • Tricks for the Emotional portraits and videos
  • Creating the Smile Design Slides
  • Emotional Smile Design Communication

Day 3 – Hands On

  • The Communication Tools Hands-on
  • Transforming Keynote/PowerPoint into a powerful online
  • Treatment Planning and Communication software
  • DSD Photo & Video Hands-on
  • The DSD Video protocol
  • Taking the DSD photos from the video
  • iPhone video technique
  • DSD Concept Software Hands-on
  • The DSD step by step. The 8 steps for the Smile Frame

Learning Objectives

1. How to become a better Smile Designer, because Smile Design is the primary principle of any modern treatment plan

2. How to implement a realistic team communication protocol, because communication is the key to genuine functional interdisciplinary dentistry.

3. How to interact with your patients to enhance the value of their treatment and increase case acceptance through the new concept of Emotional Dentistry.

4. How to link the beautiful Smile Design process to the actual treatment using a simple and effective Digital Workflow that will connect the 2D drawings of DSD to 3D software systems such as CAD/CAM, 3D orthodontics, and guided surgery.

Required Material:

Laptop Mac or PC with the Keynote 6.2 or PowerPoint 2013.

Mouse for the PC, optional for Mac.

USB flash drive

Photo Camera (optional)

Place Sofitel Hotel Casablanca

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